Recent Projects

The Anxiety Disorders Clinic at the VA provides treatments to veterans with anxiety disorders as well as conducts research to find evidence-based treatments for such disorders as Social Anxiety Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. 

CAYEN was created by the Mental Health Association in California (MHAC) in order to develop, improve, and strengthen the voice of Transition Age Youth in local and state-level policy. The CAYEN Board is a diverse group of young individuals, which is involved in both statewide and local program and policy decisions. Board Members receive leadership opportunities, and the support, training, and skills necessary to bring their voices to policy and program discussions

  • Represented CA-YEN at the Tools for Change Conference 3/2014

Tools for Change is the first national conference focused on lived experience and cultural change around mental health and mental illness. This year, the conference focuses on effective stigma-change strategies in culturally-responsive programs and suicide prevention. Special events/ activities will exemplify and activate select stigma change strategies.

In an effort to expand NAMI’s reach to younger audiences, Daniel helped bring the youth-focused Ending the Silence (ETS) program to NAMI San Diego and NAMI California. ETS is a unique public education presentation in which trained speakers share compelling personal stories about living with a mental illness and achieving recovery, as well as educate middle and high school students about the indicators of mental illness and how to help themselves, friends, and family members who might need support.

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